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Cercarbono appreciates your willingness and time to participate in the public consultation of its "Cercarbono's Protocol for Voluntary Carbon Certification", Version 4.0.

This new version of the Protocol integrates the principles to be considered by Climate Change Mitigation Projects (CCMPs), the carbon credits to be issued, the VVBs and the validation and verification processes to continue our participation in the carbon market in a transparent and technically rigorous manner.

As in previous versions, the Protocol is aligned with the international requirements under which the voluntary carbon market operates, while respecting and adopting requirements, regulations and decisions established in national contexts. In line with this, new ISO Standards (14066:2011, 14064-1:2018, 14064-2:2019, 14064-3:2019, 17029:2019 and 14065:2020) are updated and added, which must be considered in the formulation, implementation, validation, verification, and certification of CCMPs, as mentioned throughout the document.

The document can be downloaded after registration by clicking on the "Download document" bar. Your comments can be submitted at any time by accessing the "Document Download", inserting your registered email address, and copying your comments into the space provided. You can also send an attached document with your comments to

These comments will be received from today until 20 July 2022.

Remember that your participation is very important to help us strengthen our programme and the international carbon market.

Again, thank you very much for participating in this public consultation.