Dear Participant:

Receive a warm greeting!

Cercarbono is pleased to invite you to participate in this public consultation of your “Methodology M/UT/F-A 01 To implement GHG emission removal projects through reforestation, forest restoration and the establishment of woody crops”, that provides the necessary elements to design and implement Climate Change Mitigation Programs or Projects (CCMP), which include the activity of removing GHG emissions through reforestation processes, restoration in the forestry sector and the establishment of woody crops in the agricultural sector to qualify for payments for results or similar compensation due to its implementation supported by the voluntary certification programme of Cercarbono.

To take advantage of this space and given that the removal activity contained in the methodology needs to support its permanence, it has been decided to also launch the “Cercarbono's tool to estimate the Carbon Buffer in initiatives to mitigate Climate Change in the Land Use Sector and their respective guidelines”, as complementary elements to the categories of land uses that make up the aforementioned methodology and other additional ones.

The tool presents a mixed approach to establish an estimate on the long-term average net removal and the long-term average net reduction of natural carbon sinks. The Buffer tool suggests the creation of a reserve of the mitigation obtained by GHG removal activities to support the permanence of removals and reductions against the inherent risk of reversion in the future. Therefore, a determined amount of GHG removal or reduction is assigned to a buffer, in proportion to the results of each CCMP and the period during which carbon is stored, reasonably guaranteeing the long-term carbon storage.

Therefore, Cercarbono invite you to participate in this new public consultation in which citizens, government institutions, project owners, consulting companies, validation and verification bodies, operational designated entities, certification companies, carbon market associations, actors in sectors related to climate change, educational institutions, and environmental, social, and economic non-governmental organizations, among others, are welcome.

The period for consultation and receipt of comments is open from today October 01, 2021, until November 01, 2021.

Remember that your participation is very important to strengthen our processes and our programme to benefit the mitigation of climate change and the strengthening of carbon market.

Once again, thank you very much for participating in this public consultation.