Dear Participant:

Cercarbono would like to thank you for your willingness and the time you have taken to participate in this public consultation for the third version of its “Cercarbono’s Protocol for Voluntary Carbon Certification” and the “Cercarbono's Tool to Report Contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals in Climate Change”..

The new version of the Protocol, applicable for national and international contexts, provides more detailed and robust guidance for the formulation and development of Climate Change Mitigation Programs/Projects (CCMPs) and the stages in which holders, developers and Validation and Verification Bodies are involved. It describes all the principles and criteria that must be met by CCMPs. In addition, it integrates 14 of the 15 sectoral scopes established by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), outlining in each the different types of program or project activity that CCMPs may include.

In addition, the Cercarbono ODS tool has been designed to allow CCPMs to voluntarily report co-benefits generated by their program or project activity at the validation stage, including those achieved during implementation. This tool can be implemented in the sectoral scopes established in the Protocol. It has considered 14 of the 17 SDGs, providing carbon credit buyers with valuable information to differentiate between credits generated in the same sector with the additional assurance that the CCMP contributes to fulfilling the targets set out in the SDGs.

The documents can be downloaded once you have registered. Your comments can be sent at any time entering the registered e-mail address and copying the comments you consider in the space available for them. You may also send an attached document to the e-mail address

The comments will be received from today until September 03, 2021.

Remember that your participation is really important to us, because with it we will obtain technical elements that will continue to strengthen our certification program and dynamize the carbon market in different contexts.

Once again, thank you very much for participating in this public consultation.